Now taking orders for the '24-'25 academic year!

Our COVID Plan and Guarantee

What We're Doing to Put You First

Flexible Refunds

If the school sends students home, you will receive a pro-rated price on your rental.

Contactless Delivery

Every bed will be installed prior to student arrival.

Anti-Microbial Fabrics

All of our fabric is treated with anti-microbial solutions to maximize cleanliness and safety.

We understand that returning to campus won't be easy, but with students spending more time in their rooms than ever, we want to do our part to make bedrooms as comfortable as possible, while maintaining safety.

Flexible Refunds

If students are forced to leave campus due to COVID, your order will be prorated for the amount of time it was used. The remaining time will be refunded.

Everything arrives before arrival

All products will be delivered weeks before students arrive on campus, ensuring any potential contaminates are long gone.

Contactless Delivery, Anti-Microbial Fabrics

Our delivery process will be entirely contactless to maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times. Additionally, the delivery team will wear masks and travel with extra sanitary equipment.